About Us


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Pure Chocolate was created when Jessica Ludlow saw a problem in the world. She noticed that there are more and more individuals who have restricted diets. As a result, they have a lack of choice in what to consume. Jessica was one of these people as she has a severe dairy allergy. After doing major research, she observed that there are many others who are gluten-free and vegan in the same situation as she is. This then convinced her to not only make her chocolate dairy-free but gluten-free, vegan and organic as well.

Jessica loves chocolate and was devastated when she heard she couldn't have it anymore due to her dairy allergy. There were several times where she would cause herself to have an allergic reaction just to get a taste of something the average person can consume daily. She finally decided that enough is enough. After several months of experimenting in the kitchen, she has created a line of chocolate candies that are able to meet most anyone's needs.

Pure Chocolate was officially created when Jessica chose to share her dairy-free, gluten-free, vegan, and organic sweet treats with the world.  Although Jess is a key leader, she didn’t always want to be an entrepreneur. It was 6 years ago when she got bit by the entrepreneur bug hard. This 19-year old saw an opportunity in the market and didn’t let it slide by. Although she is still a college student, she has already changed many lives with her products!  Jess believed there was no better time than now to make dreams become reality. From there, Pure Chocolate began.