Should You Be Eating Almonds?

Have you heard about the new trend?? Almonds *claim* to be the next big superfood! Keep reading to find out if they really are great, or a fad that's going to fail! 

Almonds are high in fiber- One serving, which is one ounce, has 3.5 g of fiber. Considering the average person needs 25 g a day, that is close to 1/6 of your goal!

High in antioxidants- The brown "skin" on almonds is what holds a lot of the nutrients! This is why you should choose unblanched almonds over blanched! 

Almonds can lower your cholesterol levels- Studies show that by eating 20% of daily calories from almonds, one can significantly reduce their LDLs (the bad cholesterol!)

Full of healthy fats- Almonds are not only nutrient and antioxidant-dense but they help with satiety levels! Because healthy fats keep you fuller longer, you are able to power through your day with little worry of a burnout! 

Great taste- Not everyone is a fan of the "natural" almond flavor! No worries! Now, there are many seasoned/flavored almonds on the market! From smoked flavor to cinnamon to spicy, you can find an almond snack that works for you! 


Should you eat almonds? The answer is yes! Almonds have so many benefits, whether it is due to their nutritional value or their wide variety of flavors, almonds can be your new best friend! 

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