Is Organic Cane Sugar STILL Bad to Eat?!

Another fad in the food industry has hit! Sugar is now the bad guy! Depending who you talk to, some will say all sugars should be treated equally bad, while others only debate that the highly processed ones are on the NO NO list! Keep reading to know the truth about why organic cane sugar is good to eat (in moderation)!

The Process and Nutrients

Organic cane sugar is one of the least unprocessed sugars on the market. From the soil its grown in and the process in which its harvested, it is one sugar that has very little chemicals in it! Because it is grown in chemical-free soil, it doesn't require the harsh processing and stripping that other sugars need. This means that more nutrients are left intact and can be put into your body! Unrefined cane sugar has antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. Other sugars typically lack these nutrients.

Lack of Pesticides

Many of the pesticides that "normal sugar" grows in have shown links to cancer and higher blood sugar and larger spikes. Because organic cane sugar is grown without pesticides, many diabetics are able to see their blood sugar levels drop back down significantly faster. With fewer spikes in one's blood sugar levels, their risk of forming Type Two Diabetes decreases. This makes organic cane sugar a better option not only for diabetics but for everyone.


Unlike many sugars on the market today, organic cane sugar is not artificial. By continuously feeding your body with natural sources of energy, it will prevent sickness and mental clarity. 


Looking for foods that have organic cane sugar rather than fully processed sugars? Try Pure Chocolate! All candies are made with organic, pure cane sugar to keep the bad stuff out and all the flavor and nutrients in!