5 Benefits of Eating Organic

You see all these signs to eat organic, but you wonder why to spend the extra money! Keep reading to find out why you need to spend the couple more dollars on organic food!

1.) More Nutrients- Organic foods tend to have more nutrients. Whether it is vitamins, minerals, or antioxidants, organic foods hold more nutrition due to being less processed!

2.) Fewer Preservatives- Still feeling sluggish even eating healthy meals? This is because most foods are filled with chemicals and preservatives! By eating organic foods, you will decrease the foreign chemicals and feel better

3.) Increases your Energy- Keep up your energy by eating organic! With less processed chemicals, your body will cleanse and feel rejuvenated!

4.) Good for the Earth- Not only are organic foods good for your body but the earth! Fewer chemicals on the earth help preserve the soil and the living organisms in it! 

5.) More Healthy Fats- Foods like milk and meat tend to contain higher levels of healthy fat when organic!


Do we have you convinced? There are so many benefits to eating organic! Whether it is for your body or the earth, you should work to eat organic foods!