These 3 Facts About Dairy Will Shock You

Did you know that dairy isn't all that it claims to be?! Most people believe milk is one of the best things for you but is it?! Keep reading to be shocked with all the info on dairy!!

Dairy farms are destroying our waterways- Lakes, rivers, streams, they are all being affected. Much of the dairy farms runoff goes directly into our waterways. Nearly one-third of rivers in the U.S. are being polluted by cow farms.

Milk isn’t made for humans- Many studies show that humans should stop consuming milk after the age of two. Because a mother is unable to continue to produce milk after that, humans were designed to stop intaking dairy after that. Because of the modern technology, humans continue to drink milk, even when they’re biology says to stop.

Milk doesn’t have calcium- Yep, that’s right! Milk naturally doesn’t provide much calcium. Humans fortify milk with calcium. We could choose to fortify any other foods with calcium to get our daily dose of it, but because so many Americans drink milk, it is an easy way to fill the void!


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