Most Dark Chocolate Bars Contain Milk

When you think of dark chocolate, you usually think dairy-free, right? Pure Chocolate is here to tell you that you need to rethink that!

USDA Experiments

The USDA recently conducted an experiment in which they took 100 dark chocolate bars and tested if they had dairy in them. 6 claimed on the package they "CONTAIN MILK" so truly 94 bars were tested. These 94 bars had no allergen statement saying they contained milk. Out of the 94 bars that were tested, 51 bars were found to contain milk. These statistics show that 61% of all dark chocolate bars really do contain milk.

What Chocolate is MILK FREE? 

Pure Chocolate is 100% milk-free. In fact, Pure Chocolate is completely dairy-free, gluten-free, and vegan. Candies are handmade and go through strict quality control. Although we are produced in an environment that has dairy and gluten present (in the air) none of the candies do! 


If you would like to read the entire article from the USDA about the results they found, copy and paste this link in your address bar: